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Great street fighters understand range and distance because it’s the difference between winning and losing a fight. On the street there are no weight classes, you will most likely be attacked by a person larger than you. That means there will be a fighting range that is best for your attacker (gives him the advantage) and a fighting range that is better for you (takes some of his advantage away). In this video Bob Taylor demonstrates how big of a difference range makes on a large man’s power.

When fighting a larger man in a self defense situation, you don’t want to be standing at the end of his punching range, that’s where he has max power. Even worse, you couldn’t hit him if you wanted to when you stand right at his power range. You need to stay outside that range, or close the distance so he is inside your punching range.

You won’t understand fighting ranges unless you spar with people of different heights. So if you are serious about self defense you need to find people to practice with, and if that’s not an option at least understand YOUR power range by practicing on a heavy back or padded tree.

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