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When it comes to security you have to think like a criminal. A savvy crook can get themselves into any room in the hotel with this ruse. It’s shocking how effective it can be.

Why do you need to know this?

First, when you stay at a hotel always lock the deadbolt and the latch or chain immediately once you are inside. It’s not just the maids that may barge in on you.

Second, it’s impossible to secure your room from this kind of attack when you are not in the room. You can’t engage the deadbolt or the latch/chain from the outside. So if you have valuables, put them in the safe, take them with you, or ask the front desk to keep them while you are out (obviously this implies you trust the hotel management, make this call on a case by case basis).

Third, if you find yourself in a desperate situation, like a disaster or crisis situation you could find refuge in a hotel room by using this strategy. There are obvious moral implications of using this, but knowing it could save your life. Better to know this and never need to use it, than need it and never have learned it.

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