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When it comes to trapping range combat, elbows are indispensable. The problem is, most people don’t know how to develop power in this range. In this video Glenn Boodry shows you how to put some power behind your elbow strikes. A few good elbow shots will end nearly any self defense situation. Throw in a good head butt and you can be sure your attacker will lose his will to continue the fight (if he’s still conscious). The best part of getting in close (trapping range) in a street fight? Most guys don’t know what to do. Their punches have no power, and they don’t really know how to throw effective elbows knees and head butts. Use this to your advantage to end it quick and get yourself out of harms way.

Glen Boodry instructional self defense videos: http://www.trsdirect.com/instructorbio.php?int=gboodry

Learn the basics of how to deliver a punishing horizontal elbow strike in a self defense situation. This lesson includes teaching you how to get in close and how to secure your attacker so that you can end the conflict without worrying about him taking the offensive.

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