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If a disaster occurs or you are targeted by criminals or predators knowing how to use your vehicle to protect yourself and your family could be critical to your survival. In the United States, automobiles are the primary means of transportation for 93% of households. That said, most people do not understand how to use their vehicle to escape a dangerous situation. In this video former Delta Force Operator and Green Beret Dale Comstock explains the importance of a few key technical driving skills.

And it’s not just evasive and defensive driving skills that you should learn in case of an emergency. Every year thousands of Americans die in car crashes. Many of these incidents are preventable, if only the driver better understood vehicle dynamics. State driving tests are sorely lacking in this regard and it’s a shame that they ignore some simple concepts that would save countless lives.

You’ll also learn the basic steps to performing forward 180s and reverse 180s in your vehicle to avoid trouble. These are simple and relatively safe procedures under the right circumstances.

Warning: We do not condone the use of these techniques in non-emergency situations. If you would like to practice these techniques we recommend you attend a technical driving school. Practicing these techniques in uncontrolled public areas can endanger yourself and others and cause serious bodily harm or death.

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