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In this self defense lesson you learn how to use an ear slap or palm strike followed by a straight blast in situations where space is limited. When space is limited it’s critical to create space for you to escape. The self defense techniques in this video rely on simple gross motor skills to get you to safety quickly. Self defense techniques that rely on fine motor skills go out the window once you have an adrenaline dump.

Some key points to remember from this lesson are, first, the ear slap does not need to land right on the ear to be effective. It’s a simple self defense move you can do in tight quarters to start taking control of the situation. It can land anywhere on the head and still work. Second, you must follow up the ear slap with something, in this case a straight blast to put the attacker on his heels with constant forward pressure, and create space for you to escape. These don’t need to be knock out punches, we are assuming a larger man is attacking you. These punches are simply a way to overload an attacker, the real key is getting him on his heels with forward pressure. Third, self defense technique is not a finishing move, it’s for situations where you need to engage an attacker, then break contact to escape. Could be multiple attackers, you could need to tend to someone else, or simply high tail it to safety. For these reasons you want to put in one last shot to buy a second or two head start for your escape. The straight blast could disable an attacker but it’s unlikely so you need to cap it with something else. A final palm strike/ear slap is a great choice.

Sometimes the simplest self defense technique you learn can become the most effective self defense technique you use. And if you are ever caught off guard, the first technique your mind will automatically thinks of is this technique. Silly as it may sound, the ear slap or palm strike can give you enough time to defend yourself or run away from a potentially life threatening situation.

In this self defense tip, Demi Barbito demonstrates how an ear slap can be used to set up the straight blast. A devastating combination that an attacker won’t see coming. Done correctly this self defence technique will give you the option to continue your defensive assault, or run and flee the area towards safety.

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