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Are we teaching you how to be a criminal? No, criminals already know this trick. A quick internet search will yield much more nefarious techniques as well. But if you don’t know these things exist you can’t defend against them. When it comes to self defense, travel security, and home security the good guys (you and us) will almost always be 1 step behind the crooks. The key for us good guys is to learn quick and adapt counter measures. And in all honesty there may be situations where you do use a door defeat tool for the preservation of your life or a loved one. Better to know and not need… as the saying goes.

In this video, Dale Comstock and Joe Teti review an open source door defeat tool called the Keedex K-22 Lever Opening Tool. What’s more criminals can construct this tool from ordinary objects as it is an extremely simple concept. Most of us feel pretty secure in our homes, offices, or hotel rooms. Doors make great safety barriers. Once that barrier is taken away we or our belongings become extremely vulnerable especially if we are sleeping, showering, in another room etc. Knowing how to defeat these tools takes away one of the easy ways criminals can enter a safe place to do you harm. When it comes to self defense and travel security an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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